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Courses and trainings for self-development and recovery according to the method of M. S. Norbekov: Workshop of success, health courses, restoration of vision and hearing, articular gymnastics, intuition training, women`s trainings.

Оздоровительный курс

Оздоровительный курс

Мы разработали этот курс специально для людей, которые имеют разнообразные хронические заболевания, не могут найти гармонию и стабилизировать эмоциональное состояние. Которые желают улучшить отношения в семье и с окружающим миром. Основной принцип обучения в системе М.С.Норбекова — активная позиция самого человека. Это программа для тех, кто желает изменить свою жизнь к лучшему.

Тренировка интуиции

Тренировка интуиции

Научитесь пробуждать интуитивные способности, тренировать творческое мышление и формировать

Мастерская Успеха

Мастерская Успеха

Раскройте потенциал своего духа и снимите ограничивающие убеждения на пути к безграничным возможностям.

Счатсливые и успешные


Zulfiya R
Queens, NY

I have done so many different practices during my last ten years, and none of them made me feel that happy and vital as Norbekov system. Norbekov system is the way to discover the healthy living with out pain and frustrations. It helped me to take a control over my health. Now, if I feel pain in my joints or even pain in my GI track, I do my practice before I go see my doctor! The system needs to be taught at every school as a base of understanding of own health.

Necha Sirota
Licensed clinical social worker, Brooklyn, NY

I’ve had the good fortune to have met Edgar. He introduced me to the Norbekov System for healing the body and the soul. It is a comprehensive Mind body approach with a series of physical and mental exercises to promote healing From physical disease, reduce stress and Achieve peace of mind. Edgar is a highly skilled professional in this method in addition he is highly sensitive and tuned into his client’s needs and he customizes The program Accordingly for the clients optimal benefit I Highly recommend the Norbekov method In general but with Edgar as the Coach in particular to anyone who wishes to improve their health, Well-being and achieve Spiritual growth.

Sofiya Grec
New Jersey

I learned about the first wellness course from my friends. I am very satisfied with the results. The work of the gastrointestinal tract was restored, gastritis stopped bothering me. The flexibility of the joints has improved, the stoop has gone, the pain in the spine has gone. The eyes from the phone and the computer began to get tired less. I changed my attitude towards myself, towards my health. There was more confidence and vitality, became less irritable. Now I smile more often. I want to express my gratitude and gratitude to the teachers and the system of M. Norbekov for the course, where I discovered a lot of new and interesting things.


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