Mirzakarim Norbekov

The method by which Prof. Norbekov has helped countless people to heal themselves is based on a thousand-year-old Eastern doctrine, Sufism. It builds on the knowledge that man, as a unity of body, mind, soul, and spirit, has great inner potential, which he can activate at any time. The body is the house of the soul. In the case of diseases, man can bring his soul back into harmony with its true nature and thus heal itself.

He was born in Uzbekistan, but his career started at eighteen after several men beat him until he was hospitalized for four months. The doctors could not help him; He was given a disability badge and was forced to undergo dialysis because of severe kidney damage. When he imagined his future as a patient needing care, he became deeply depressed and even thought of suicide. But he did not want to accept this fate. An odyssey searching for healing eventually led him to his later teacher, Muhammad Chasan. The encounter with the hundred-year-old master changed his life forever.

The beginning of his apprenticeship was not easy for Mirzakarim and was characterized by resistance and doubts. But by his teacher’s patience and willpower, he finally fully recovered within four years. Only then did his proper apprenticeship begins: he continued to do the daily exercises, through which he learned more and more about the fantastic abilities of every human being. Norbekov combined old-world knowledge of Eastern healing with modern scientific knowledge. His method began in 1982. It has been tested and continuously optimized for more than 30 years. His teachings have helped more than five million people today. With it, each person succeeds in finding access to his self-healing powers.

In the mid-1990s, the method’s triumph began, receiving international attention through enthusiastic seminar participants and various publications. Norbekov sees it as his way to preserve ancient knowledge through his teaching and passing it on to the people of today. He founded an institute for self-healing in Moscow, from where his teachings spread worldwide.

The Norbekov System today includes:

• The Institute of Norbekov system with many employees worldwide.
• An internet institute that communicates the contents of the seminars online through webinars.
• Eye training.
• Series of seminars according to the Norbekov System (Level I to III).
• Women's Seminar
• Children's seminar
• Men's seminar
• Online seminars (Webinars) according to the Norbekov System (Level I to III).
• The Master Seminar (Level IV). In this course, which is managed by Norbekov himself, the participants work on a higher level of ability to shape the events of their own life.
• Norbekov System Club.
• Information Evenings.
• Vacation seminars.
• Teacher's seminars.

The secret

Norbekov describes the knowledge of human nature and love for humans as his most important abilities. "There is no problem in this world apart from death that a man cannot solve. What you sow, you will reap. When you sow faith in yourself, you achieve what you strive for; If you sow the love of yourself, you will achieve what you dream of. Sow in yourself the feeling that you are an image, a part of God, and you see your divine abilities! All dreams, all goods - if they exist, there is the possibility to reach them.”

Professor Mirzakarim Norbekov has a doctorate in psychology, pedagogy, and medicine philosophy. He is a member of several international academies, a developer of patented inventions, and a best-seller author. He is an ardent martial artist with a black belt and a third Dan in Karate.

Family of Mirzakarim Norbekov