First Wellness course


Three hours a day for 10 days

edgar madaminov

Personal/Professional Achievements
Teacher, trainer.

Who this is for:

We have developed this course specifically for people with various chronic diseases who cannot find harmony and stabilize their emotional state and who want to improve relationships in the family and with the outside world. The main principle of learning in the Norbekov system is the active position of the person himself. This is a program for those who want to change their lives for the better.

This course gives:

You will learn a unique set of carefully selected techniques of ancient oriental medicine. The primary skill is the conscious self-regulation of the body.

We will teach you to independently awaken the internal reserves of your body, cope with chronic diseases, and trigger the mechanism of cleansing, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Having learned to work on yourself, you will receive "ETERNAL USE" a tool that allows you to become a successful person, train skills, and set and achieve the desired goals.

IMPORTANT!Obtaining visible results occurs already in the first days of classes.

Results of our listeners:

Ресурс 1

Health restored

Ресурс 1

Looked younger

Ресурс 1

Chronic and acute pain is gone

Ресурс 1

Learned systematic work on themself

Ресурс 1

Improved overall mood and performance

Course participants were able to

with the help of our methods to independently eliminate diseases such as:
a disease of the cardiovascular system
intervertebral hernia, scoliosis
varicose veins
vision problems
hearing impairment
hyper-/ hypotension
destabilization of the hormonal background
The decreased tone of the muscles of the vagina
decreased sexual activity
tumors in the uterus and ovaries
inflammation of the ovary

You will be able to take the course online without leaving home.


If you do not receive the results, a full refund for the course, even after the complete end of the lessons.

$99 for all ten days of ONLINE classes (80% discount)
• Access to the course records for three months!• The online course is accompanied by an interactive chat to communicate with the teacher and other course participants.