Intuition training


Three hours a day for 5 days

edgar madaminov

Personal/Professional Achievements
Teacher, trainer.


is a mysterious feeling that is talked about as a talent and perceived as a miracle. What is intuition? Does everyone have it? Can it be developed? In what cases should you rely on your intuition and trust it? Intuition is the ability to comprehend the truth without the help of evidence, a bright flash of feelings for no reason. Philosophers saw intuition as the only reliable means of knowing the world; our ancestors called it the "voice of nature" or the sixth sense. The ability to use intuition-driven decisions is one of the success components and indicators of how much a person has developed his inner self.

The main objectives of the course are:

The development of the sixth sense.
Ability to feel and find optimal solutions.
The ability to distinguish the true from the false.
Ability to build constructive relationships.
Development of leadership qualities.
Body training (strength gymnastics) allows you to maintain health and improve the control of the brain over the body.
You create your life!

And what is most interesting: each of you, if desired, can develop the ability to form events at will, speak without words, see with inner vision, feel people at a distance, mentally view the future, and many other "etc."


You will be able to take the course online without leaving home.

The online course is accompanied by an interactive chat to communicate with the teacher and other course participants.